"I Only Roast The One's I Love" is one of the funniest, compelling, touching, controversial books I've ever read. If you love the art of people coming on stage and saying funny insults that make your whole life's work seems like a bunch of crap then this is the book for you".
  - Chris Rock

"Jeffrey Ross has a face for books, and I'm glad he's finally come to terms with that".
  - Chelsea Handler

"I Only Roast the Ones I Love" is Jeff Ross's most insulting work yet. An indispensable guide to making certain everyone you know hates you. Very, very funny. Jeff's writing is the reason I learned to read".
  - Jimmy Kimmel

"Do yourself a favor... Get Jeff's book, curl up next to the fireplace...and throw it in."
  - Bob Saget

"When Jeff asked me to give a quote for his book, my first thought was to get Jeff Ross to write it. He's incredibly funny and I'm incredibly busy."
  - John Mayer

I've cooked a few meals in my day, but trust me nobody knows how to cook someone's goose like Jeffrey Ross. He will teach you how to baste and bake all of your family and friends until every relationship is burnt beyond recognition. Ross is a flame-thrower at both ends.
  - Rachael Ray

"Don't judge this book by its cover, because Jeff's face is on its cover."
  - Sarah Silverman

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